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We all know every consumer is different. So how do you organize your marketing strategy? How do you make sure your targeting works? You organize your customers and potential customers into groups with similar needs, motivations, likes and dislikes and behaviors.

That’s marketing segmentation.

The Acxiom PersonicX suite of products helps companies locate the best prospects among all consumers and better understand their needs, desires and buying habits. This means our marketing segmentation products can help you:

  • Focus marketing resources where they will produce the greatest market penetration and highest ROI
  • Distinctly refine products and marketing programs to match the needs and wants of prospects
  • Personalize offerings and go-to-market strategies
  • Optimize the creation, distribution, pricing and promotion of products over time based on their success rate with targeted segments

While a good product or service goes a long way, it is the best-marketed product that ultimately succeeds. Acxiom PersonicX can help you to make your product or service the best-marketed, most profitable and most successful one out there.

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PersonicX VisionScape®

Visualize Your Market

An effective visualization tool is invaluable to the marketing professional. It can be tied directly to the success or failure of your marketing strategy, and your ability to gain support and investment from your executive management.

PersonicX VisionScape brings your market segmentation to life – allowing you immediate, point–and–click access to:

  • The PersonicX® segments that define your customers
  • Their demographic characteristics
  • Counts, distributions and key indices
  • Consumer survey responses
  • Product and service propensities
  • Local market characteristics
  • Neighborhood demographics
  • And more

This real-time, web-based tool gives you a picture of your customers so you can better understand who they are, where they are, what types of products they use, their consumer buying behavior and their channel and media preferences. And you’ll know where to find more just like them. And that’s not all. You’ll also be able to identify where your competitors’ customers are and how they differ from yours. Visualize that!